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Canadian Bar Association – It’s an Important Organization

All of Patriot Law Group’s lawyers are members of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA).  Further, Ed Gallagher is a member of CBA’s “Council” for Alberta.

So, you may wonder, what is the CBA all about?

The CBA is a professional, voluntary, organization formed in 1896 and incorporated by a Special Act of Parliament on April 15, 1921.  The Alberta branch of the CBA was formed in 1915.

The CBA is an ally and advocate of all members of the legal profession and focuses on the interests of justice for all Canadians, more generally.

The mandate of the CBA is to:

  • improve the law;
  • improve the administration of justice;
  • improve and promote access to justice;
  • promote equality in the legal profession and in the justice system
  • improve and promote the knowledge, skills, ethical standards and well-being of members of the legal profession;
  • represent the legal profession nationally and internationally; and
  • promote the interests of the members of The Canadian Bar Association.

The CBA has a lot of political influence nationally and provincially.  The federal Minister of Justice normally attends the CBA annual conference.

At Patriot Law Group, we strongly support the work of the CBA.  If you want more information about the CBA, check out their website.