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The Law Society of Alberta – Resources for the public

The Law Society of Alberta is the organization that regulates practicing lawyers in Alberta, including all of the lawyers at Patriot Law Group.  The legal profession, like many other professions is “self-governing”.  This means that lawyers are primarily responsible for regulating members of the profession in the public interest.

For your convenience, here is a short list that we have compiled of some of the things that the Law Society can do for members of the public (all of which can be accessed from the Law Society of Alberta web site):

  1. It can help you to determine if you need a lawyer and provide information about what lawyers do and what education and training they have.
  2. It maintains a handy online Lawyer Directory with contact information for currently practicing and non-practicing lawyers who are members of the Law Society.
  3. It can help you find a lawyer through the Lawyer Referral service. At Patriot Law Group, if you come to us with a legal problem that we cannot handle for you, we will either recommend a specific lawyer that we know of with expertise in the area, or we will give you the contact information for the Lawyer Referral Service.
  4. It can put you in touch with Legal Aid Alberta, which subsidizes the cost of legal services for very low income Albertans.
  5. It can put you in touch with Dial-a-Law, a free service that provides basic legal information (but not advice) about common legal issues such as buying a house, what to do when you face a separation or divorce, and so on.
  6. It can give you basic background information on how to work effectively with a lawyer and how to understand legal fees in order to maximize the value that you derive from legal services.
  7. It can help you to determine if a lawyer that you are thinking of hiring has a disciplinary record.
  8. It provides a process to resolve complaints regarding a lawyer’s ethical conduct.
  9. It can provide you information on how to make a financial claim against a lawyer if you believe that you have suffered a financial loss for which the lawyer is responsible.

What’s the best part?  All of this (and much more) is financed and provided by Alberta lawyers at no cost to the public.